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For almost two decades, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with various businesses...

Guiding businesses in connecting with their desired audience, fostering client relationships, and ultimately boosting their growth. My passion lies in immersing myself in the heart of each business's culture and philosophy and translating that into compelling visuals and effective marketing strategies.

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Maybe it was when I was styling my dolls and lining them up to photograph in elementary school . . .

....or when my friends and I would do “makeovers” on each other in college and take photos like we were models . . . 

In those moments, little did I know, I was already foreshadowing the path of my future creative career as a photographer.

Despite engaging in diverse artistic programs during my school days, I ultimately chose the path of proven success. Becoming a Registered Dietitian, I dedicated a decade to patient health education, specializing as a Certified Diabetes Educator. Yet, for a creative soul navigating the healthcare landscape, the hunger for more imaginative expression persisted!

After my wedding, I discovered a deep passion for photography. I joined forces with a renowned photographer's studio, where I quickly became a lead photographer for weddings and family portraits in just my first year. Then went on to capture special moments for hundreds of couples and families.

About Amy

Working with people like you is what i love most

I invite you to reach out so we can discuss the transformative power of photography in elevating your marketing efforts, ultimately driving increased conversions and sales. Let's start a conversation!

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“Year after year, Amy get's great photos of my business!”

— Joy Robyn, @omarandElsie

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