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I specialize in Branding Photography by mastering your personal brand through photography. With crafted images, business owners can convey what sets their brand apart, fostering a lasting and impactful impression.



Much more
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Let’s talk about why it's time to level up your image with some personal branding photos! So, here's the deal: headshots are great, but personal branding photos? Well, they're like the cherry on top of your professional sundae. Imagine this: you're scrolling through social media, and you stumble upon two profiles. One has a standard headshot - nice, but not super memorable. The other? They have a bunch of personal branding photos that show them in action, telling their story, and giving a glimpse of their personality. Who do you think you'd connect with more? Yes of course, it's the second one!

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What Do I do Now?

Set up a Call

Fill out the contact form and let's chat! We’ll talk about your branding session, the location, and what style of outfits you would love to have photographed. I will design an inspiration board for your session detailing our vision.

Photo Shoot

On your session day, relax and have fun capturing you and being yourself in front of the camera. I will guide you with exactly what to do, what to wear next, and where to stand and look

Gallery Ready

After each session, your photos will be posted in an online gallery. You can pick which photos you would like to use for your business. Then if any need retouched, we can do that too!

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Kind Words

Amy is thoughtful in her process and does everything she can to ensure that your shoot goes well and that the resulting photos are perfect.

— Laura, @The_BeautyCounter_Minimalist

The experience of working with Amy can't be beat! So many amazing images every. single. time. 

— Stephanie A.

You can really see Amy's level of experience and professionalism at our branding sessions!

— Mary P.


How does the Process Work?

Fill out the contact form so we can begin the conversation. From setting up an initial call, to your shoot day and then having the photos in hand. 

How Many Outfits Do I need?

This depends on the length of your branding session. Let’s talk about how much content you need. 

What is included?

A consultation to design your session with styling, brand analysis, and an  inspiration board. Photographing then editing the session and uploading it to an online gallery. Some files are included in each collection with the option to purchase additional files. 

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How Long is the Session?

If you need a complete brand refresh and lots of images, a full day or multiple days at various locations. If you need a few images to update your website or a new offering, it may be an hour. 

Personal Branding Photos

Hint: It's not just about showcasing your face...

It's about telling your story, your passion, your vibe. They give your audience a real sense of who you are and what you're all about. That's a game-changer in the world of business. Here's something to consider: personal branding photos can be repurposed for all sorts of content. Think blog posts, social media updates, website banners, and more. You'll have a treasure trove of visuals to draw from, and you won't be stuck using one headshot over and over.

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Custom Content Creation

It's all about versatility.

With personal branding photos, you can create a consistent visual identity that sets you apart from the competition. You'll be recognized and remembered for all the right reasons. And hey, let's not forget the confidence boost. When you're rocking personal branding photos that show your authenticity and uniqueness, you'll feel like a total rockstar. 

Feel good about your Online Image

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Brand Consulting

Not sure what isn't working? We can help.

Personal branding photos are your secret weapon to building a standout, unforgettable brand. They're not just pictures; they're the visual storytellers of your journey, your passion, and your amazing business. Ready to dive in and make your brand shine?

INCLUDES A Brand Consultation

A Vision Board

AND a perfect Photo Session

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The Experience

What Makes Us Different

Experience Matters: With 17 years of photography expertise, I've honed my craft to create stunning, meaningful images that reflect your unique personality and spirit. I'm meticulous in every aspect of the process, ensuring that no nuance goes unnoticed, so your photos are perfect in every way. Why choose me as your photographer? It's simple – I go beyond just taking photos. I'm your storyteller, your style advisor, and your trusted guide throughout the process. I'll help you select the perfect outfits, recommend ideal locations that harmonize with your attire, and ensure a seamless and enjoyable photo adventure.

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