A dynamic full production photography studio.

Learn more about our Personal Branding Photography, Corporate and Event, Commercial Photography, Food and Cookbook Photography, Interior Photography and more.

Our Services

A dynamic full production photography studio.

Learn more about our Personal Branding Photography, Corporate and Event, Commercial Photography, Food and Cookbook Photography, Interior Photography and more.

Our Services

Capture the essence of your unique story with my personalized branding photography—more than just conventional headshots. Together we can elevate your visual narrative. Let's tell the vibrant story of your business journey through captivating images that go beyond the ordinary.

Unlock the power of your brand with captivating commercial and product photography, where each photo is crafted from a distinct and fresh perspective. Heighten your visual storytelling and discover the art of showcasing your products in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

Here's What We Do

Personal Branding

Commercial and Product

Personal Branding Photographer

Commercial Photographer

Let's capture the vibrant energy of your corporate gatherings, product launch parties, and special events through my lens. Amy Campbell will bring your occasions to life with captivating photography that tells your unique story.

Corporate and Event

Event Photographer

Elevate your projects with visually stunning narratives by entrusting me as your photographer. My unique perspective and keen eye for detail will not only showcase your designs but also add a touch of unparalleled sophistication to your portfolio, ensuring your work stands out in the world of luxury design.

Interior Photography

Interior and Real Estate Photographer

Photographing the soul of your culinary creations, providing a feast for the eyes that complements the exquisite flavors of your offerings. Whether you are a restaurant owner, a food product manufacturer, or a cookbook author, my services are designed to elevate your brand through visually-stunning imagery. 

Food and Cookbook

Food Photographer

“Year after year, Amy get's great photos of my business!”

— Joy Robyn, @omarandElsie

Personal Branding Photography

Why is personal branding is more important than just a headshot? It's about telling your story, your passion, your vibe. They give your audience a real sense of who you are and what you're all about. That's a game-changer in the world of business. Here's something to consider: personal branding photos can be repurposed for all sorts of content. Think blog posts, social media updates, website banners, and more. You'll have a treasure trove of visuals to draw from, and you won't be stuck using one headshot over and over.

Let's jump into what you're all about and make your personal brand shine. 

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Free Visual Audit of Your Website

I will do a free 20 minute visual audit of your website where I look at the photographs and overall impression your site gives. Then we will chat to discuss and areas of improvement. I can't wait to chat!

Need a commercial photography session for your business? Check out our commercial and product photography offerings. 

Product Photography

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Branding Photography

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Food and Cookbook Photography 

Food photography is a specific passion of mine. We offer food photography and cookbook photography services. Click below to see our full offerings. 

Food Photography

Business Photography needs

Have an event you need photographed? How about a corporate party or luncheon. Amy is a highly experienced event photographer and is happy to hear your needs and create a package just for you!


Corporate and Event Photography

"Amy is thoughtful in her process and does everything she can to ensure that your shoot goes well and that the resulting photos are perfect."


I help businesses and brands show up online with style and grace.

Amy is a Lexington, Kentucky based commercial photographer specializing in personal branding photography, corporate and event, food and cookbook and interior photography. With 17 years of photography expertise, Amy has honed her craft to create stunning, meaningful images that reflect your businesses's unique attributes. I'm meticulous in every aspect of the process, ensuring that no nuance goes unnoticed, so your photos are perfect in every way.

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We have invested the time to perfect our photography craft, from camera skills and editing to business marketing and customer relationships. I am looking forward to hearing about your photography needs. 

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